500W LED stadium lights

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Power: 500W
Lumen: 80,000 lm
Luminous efficacy: 160 lm/W
Color temperature: 5500K
Beam angle: 25° / 40° / 60°
CRI: 85

About this item

Superb Performance

Achieving a remarkable efficacy of 160 lumens per watt, this 500W Stadium Light delivers up to 80,000 lumens with a 60-degree beam angle. It’s meticulously crafted to replace a 2000 watt metal halide sport light, offering exceptional brightness and clarity with its 5500K color temperature, ideal for high-standard photo and video production.

Distinctive Feature

Utilize a lower wattage and benefit from the dimmable feature without compromising on illumination. Focus solely on your luminous requirements, rather than wattage concerns. Crafted with premium-grade LED components, it ensures reliable performance.

Built for Durability

With an IP66 waterproof rating, this stadium light thrives in all weather conditions, safeguarding against electrical shock and fire hazards. It boasts an extended service life of up to 100,000 hours, equipped with a 10KV separate surge device and a 10KV driver surge for enhanced longevity. Effective heat dissipation further contributes to prolonged LED lifespan and operational safety.

Industrial Toughness

Featuring a rugged, corrosion-resistant die-cast aviation aluminum housing coated with epoxy, and a sturdy polycarbonate prismatic lens, it’s designed for stability and longevity. Its IP66 waterproof rating ensures consistent high-intensity outdoor lighting, even in adverse weather conditions.

Confident Purchase

Rest assured, each LED stadium light undergoes rigorous testing before being presented as ETL-Listed LED products. We back our commitment with a comprehensive 10-year warranty, ensuring your confidence in the product’s reliability and performance.

Where can I get expert advice on upgrading our stadium lighting?

When considering an upgrade to your stadium lighting, seeking expert advice is crucial to ensure you make informed decisions that align with your goals and budget. Here are some avenues to explore for finding such guidance:

Consulting Firms Specializing in Stadium Lighting

Consulting firms with a focus on sports facility lighting design can offer valuable insights and recommendations. They typically provide comprehensive assessments, design suggestions, and project management services tailored to your stadium’s specific needs.

Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers

Reach out to lighting companies that specialize in sports venue solutions. These manufacturers often have in-house experts who can advise you on suitable products and configurations to optimize illumination levels, minimize glare, and enhance energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Consultants

Engage consultants who specialize in energy efficiency and sustainability in lighting systems. They can conduct energy audits, analyze your current lighting setup, and propose energy-efficient alternatives with a focus on long-term cost savings.

Architectural and Engineering Firms

Consider collaborating with architectural and engineering firms experienced in stadium renovations. They can take a holistic approach to your project, considering lighting design alongside other architectural and structural elements while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Industry Associations and Forums

Participate in industry associations and forums related to stadium management and sports facility lighting. Networking with peers and participating in discussions can provide valuable insights and access to resources such as case studies and best practices.

Local Utility Companies

Check if your local utility company offers programs or incentives for upgrading to energy-efficient lighting. They may also provide technical assistance to help you navigate the process and maximize energy savings.

Online Resources and Research Papers

Explore online resources, research papers, and industry publications dedicated to stadium lighting design and technology. Studying case studies and participating in online forums can deepen your understanding of best practices and emerging trends in the field.

By leveraging these avenues for expert advice, you can make informed decisions that result in an upgraded stadium lighting system optimized for performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.