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Lighting the way Progress on 75g tank stand and hardscape

Lighting the way: Progress on 75g tank stand and hardscape


Embarking on the journey of setting up a 75-gallon aquarium is an endeavor filled with anticipation and excitement. With each step forward, from constructing the tank stand to carefully planning the hardscape design and selecting the perfect combination of flora and fauna, the vision of an aquatic oasis begins to materialize. In this update, we delve into the progress made thus far, highlighting the construction of the tank stand, preparations for the tank itself, and the initial stages of crafting the hardscape. As we navigate through the intricacies of aquarium setup, we uncover the meticulous planning and attention to detail required to create a thriving underwater ecosystem. Join us on this adventure as we illuminate the path forward, bringing to life the beauty and serenity of a well-designed aquarium.

Tank Stand Construction

The construction of the tank stand for the 75-gallon aquarium is well underway, with significant progress made. Currently, the stand has been mostly built, but there’s still the crucial step of cutting and installing the bottom shelf remaining. Additionally, plans are in place to clad all the tank stands, although this task may or may not be completed during the winter months. Properly preparing the tank stand is essential for ensuring the stability and support necessary for the aquarium.

Tank Preparation

Before the tank can be filled with water and inhabited by fish, thorough preparation is required. This includes scraping and cleaning the tank to remove any dirt or residue that may have accumulated. To create a temporary background, a black plastic poster board will be utilized, providing a sleek backdrop until more permanent lighting solutions are implemented. Proper tank preparation sets the stage for a healthy aquatic environment for its future inhabitants.

Hardscape Design

The hardscape design of the aquarium plays a crucial role in its overall aesthetic appeal and functionality. Currently, the tank boasts a hardscape setup featuring various elements such as sandstone and ghost wood. Plans are in place to make adjustments to the hardscape, including adding another layer of sandstone to lift certain areas and create visual interest. The strategic placement of substrates and decorative elements is essential for achieving the desired look and providing adequate habitat for fish and plants alike.

Planting Plans

A vital component of any aquarium setup is the selection and arrangement of aquatic plants. While specific plant selections are yet to be determined, plans are underway to incorporate a mix of flora throughout the tank. Substrates such as fluval stratum will be utilized to provide a conducive environment for plant growth, particularly during the initial stages. Careful consideration will be given to plant placement and compatibility with other tank inhabitants to create a harmonious underwater landscape.

Livestock Plans

The introduction of livestock into the aquarium marks a significant milestone in the project. Plans are in place to house a variety of fish, including tetra and a pair of German blue rams. However, this step will be undertaken with careful consideration, and timing, ensuring that the tank environment is fully prepared to support its inhabitants. Essential equipment such as lids, lights, and filtration systems must be sorted out beforehand to provide a suitable habitat for the livestock.


As the project progresses, each step brings the aquarium closer to its final form. With the tank stand construction underway, preparations for the tank itself and considerations for hardscape design, planting, and livestock, the vision for the aquarium is taking shape. By carefully planning and executing each phase of the project, the result will be a vibrant and thriving aquatic ecosystem ready to be enjoyed for years to come.